Ordering Information

Request a Quote To request a quote, please email power@idcaz.com letting us know which options you would like to add. Please specify your location so we can include a shipping quote. Shipping is between $200 and $350 with substantial discounts for multiple unit shipments.

Lightning Power Station base price:

Standard Plugin    Model LPS-007        $4,950.00

Battery Powered   Model LPS-007RP   $9,950.00

Black White Silver

Red Blue Yellow

Color Options:
Black White Silver: Tower and base are black, white and silver with anodized aluminum tables.

Primary Colors: Tower and base are RED, BLUE, YELLOW with anodized aluminum tables.

Custom: Custom color combinations are available. Please inquire regarding additional set-up fees and custom color prices.

Cable Options:
The Lightning Power Station comes with 14 premium quality USB cables installed.  This set includes: 4 micro-USB cables for Android devices, 4 USB type C cables for the latest Android devices, 2 Apple 30pin cables for iPhone 4 and iPads, and 4 Apple Lighting cables for  iPhone 5 – 8 and mini iPads. Other cables types are available.

Locker Table Options:
Tablet Locker Table provides two lockers for iPad-sized tablets and two large smart phones. The Smart Phone Locker Table has six lockers for large smart phones.

20150115_151103Battery Operated Option:
The battery powered Lightning Power Station delivers clean electrical power at remote location when access to utility power is unavailable.  An integrated  pure sine-wave power inverter and 2 high-capacity rechargeable batteries provide hours of service before needing to be recharged.  The integrated battery charger fully restores the internal batteries in less than four hours.  A 2000 watt load can be powered and up to a 3 kilowatt hour battery is available.  The wheeled base allows the remote powered Lightning Power Station to be easily moved anywhere power is needed.

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