Electronics Charging Station

A Charging Station Designed to address the evolving power needs of your patrons
Versatile enough for any space requiring safe access to additional electrical power

• Give people a place to easily power their personal electronic devices while they use them

• Bring power safely into the room away from the walls

• Instantly bring buildings up-to-date with technology

• Currently in use at convention centers, hospitals, libraries, university campuses , luxury resorts, museums and airports.


  • 8 independent power modules provide 24 surge-protected 120Volt AC power outlets and 16 high-power USB ports
  • Stable tower platform with 2 tables
  • Securely attached cables for a variety of devices
  • Cables and power modules are easily replaced by non-technical staff
  • Easy to install and relocate – plugs into standard power outlet – no rewiring required
  • GFI and circuit breaker-protected for safety
  • ADA Compliant

Proudly Made in the USA!

Instrument Development Corporation | Tucson, AZ | (520) 622-4199 | power@idcaz.com