About Us

Instrument Development Corporation (IDC) was founded 30 years ago (1989) by Raoul Erickson, current president and lead design engineer. With the vision of supplying the highest quality technical equipment and system, IDC excels in every area it has developed innovative products.  Providing reliable solutions for our customers problems with products of unmatched quality is our mission.

IDC’s main focus is in the design and construction of industrial and scientific equipment and instrumentation. Our products lines include precision portable vapor detection equipment to large industrial process control and monitoring system.  All engineering and manufacturing disciplines are maintained in house: Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Mechanical Engineering Design tasks and Manufacturing—CNC machining, welding, fabrication and assembly processes (mechanical, electrical and electronic)

With our extensive experience in industrial design, we decided to develop products for public settings that exceed all standards in functionality, reliability, and durability.  We launched our power and charging station products 8 years.  The Lightning Power Stations are now available as the Lightning Charging Station.  In a world of rapidly evolving technology, products become obsolete in a very short period and their quality follows suit.  The Lightning Charging Stations were designed to be upgradeable so as long as electricity is being used so will the Lightning Charging Stations.  The timeless design fits into both modern and contemporary environments.  And the industrial quality construction will last a lifetime.


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